Aurora Flex Mattress

Aurora Flex Mattress

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Available in firm, medium and plush. Featuring:

1. Cashmere & Virase Fabric Cashmere- Natural goats wool and one of the softest fibres in the world. It has excellent moisture and heat regulating properties and is extremely elastic making it highly durable. Virase - A protective treatment that erases harmful bacteria and germs.

2. AirScapeTM Quilting Foam Premium quilting foam, soft to touch yet highly resilient.

3. Cloudflex Latest foam technology backed by RMIT research study into quality performance- proved to have superior pressure redistribution and heat dissipation.

4. Comfort Layer Premium Foam High density premium foam provides a medium comfort level.

5. 360o Pocket Spring Held together by a unique material which stretches 360 degrees, evenly distributing your weight.

6. Latex Support Layer Latex is a natural rubber derived from the sap of trees. It is highly durable and flexible so great for adjustable beds. Our latex has pin cores throughout which helps with breath-ability and keeps the sleeper in a comfortable sleep temperature.