Customer Care & Delivery Information



On behalf of the management and staff at Caesars Furniture Family; Caesars Homemakers, Caesars Carpet Court, Sleepdoctor Griffith & Knockonwood Furniture and Bedding, we would like to thank you for shopping locally with us. Caesars Furniture Family has been proudly serving the community since 1963 - we are committed to you.

What we’ll do for you

Once you’ve selected your furniture and paid a non-refundable 30% deposit, we will order your goods and text you an order confirmation. Estimated times of delivery are based on timelines provided by our suppliers. These estimates can vary due to a number of factors. Once your goods are received, we will inform you via SMS text they have arrived and are ready for pick up or delivery.
Please ensure you retain your proof of purchase docket for future reference.

Receive your goods on time and Help us keep the prices low

We try to keep our prices as low as possible. Our stores have limited storage space on the understanding that once your goods arrive, they can be delivered within a few days. Whilst we will do our best for all customers, we are not a warehousing facility and must deliver your goods promptly.
If you are truly stuck, talk to us…We can negotiate special rates with a nearby storage facility for you, and deliver your goods there for the short term. Storage fees will apply.

Payment is prior to delivery

Caesars Delivery Team and contractors are not responsible for handling cash and credit cards on delivery.
For this reason, all goods must be paid for in full with cleared funds, prior to us scheduling delivery. Final payment can be made by cash, direct deposit or credit card only. Our bank account details can be found on your purchase invoice. Personal, Business and Bank cheques are not acceptable as final payment; however those forms of payment are acceptable 5 business days prior to pick up or delivery.

Due to the large amount of credit card fraud experienced recently, Telephone credit card payments cannot be made as final payment.

Having goods delivered & delivery charges

Caesars delivery team and contractors: will deliver your goods if you chose this option.

Teams will also assemble your goods but only when those arrangements are made and paid for prior to your delivery, due to time constraints and out of courtesy to customers who await delivery, our teams cannot change scheduling at random for any last minute assembly requests. Assembly charges will vary.

Our team schedule many deliveries per day and can give an estimated delivery time, to within 4 a hours period

Through efficiencies in scheduling and negotiating special rates, mean, we can keep delivery fees for you to a minimum, by maximizing loads to local, regional and surrounding areas. This fee includes the vehicle, driver and assistant’s time for up to 15 minutes at your home. Additional charges will occur if delayed.

Please ensure that you or your proxy is home to receive the goods. Delivery personnel are unable to wait and a second delivery charge will be incurred.

Our teams are not responsible in moving, rearranging or to disassemble any existing furniture, please ensure the area awaiting your purchase is prepared, clear and ready to accept the new items.

Health and safety regulation prohibits delivery personnel from removing personal protective equipment such as shoes etc, to avoid personal injury. If you find it unacceptable for them to enter your premise, for example; wearing shoes, they will leave your goods in an alternative area at your request – once accepted goods are then your responsibility. 

Social Distancing and covid restrictions

As per COVID 19 regulations you are required to stay a minimum of 1.5 meters away from our team at all times and for everyone’s safety, please also avoid being in the same room at the same time. If you are feeling unwell or self-isolating please reschedule your delivery. 

Unfortunately Due to COVID 19 constraints and Occupational Health & Safety regulations, our contractors cannot handle used mattresses or second-hand furniture etc. or remove these from your residence

Unusual Deliveries/Difficult or Poor Access

Our delivery service is designed to help you transport your goods home. Please tell us in advance about unusual circumstances which may impede delivery. For instance, that your home is located at the end of an extremely steep or tight driveway, low trees, unpassable road in wet conditions or any other access issues. It is also your responsibility to ensure that the furniture you have selected can be moved thought the doors, passage ways etc. within your house.

Whilst our contractors are extremely experienced and take all care, please be aware that the drivers will NOT be responsible for lift or doorway damage, or marks to walls. If you require their assistance to get your goods into a particular room despite poor access, whilst great care will be taken, any damage sustained to the premises will be at the homeowners’ or renters’ risk and responsibility.

Picking up your goods

If you have chosen to pick the goods up, please be aware of the following:

It is very important to advise us which weekday and time you intend to collect the goods.

Our products are carefully warehoused in multiple locations and if we are not forewarned, you may experience long receive your goods
Most furniture does not have sufficient protective packaging, you will need to bring blankets, ropes and a suitable vehicle to transport your goods home. Some items are packaged in boxes.
Remember to take into account the size and weight of the goods you are picking up.
Please bring a friend to help load and unload your goods at the warehouse and at your home where
necessary. If using a Ute or trailer, please make provision for bad weather.
You are responsible for any damage sustained to your goods after you have accepted them.

Couriers-Taxi truck: You can organise a courier to deliver your goods to you. Goods are your

responsibility once they have left our warehouse this also applies to goods instructed to be left outside

your premises.. (see picking up details)

Special delivery requirements such as after hours or weekend deliveries can sometimes be arranged. Other contractors offer specialised services, and the staff at Caesars group will be happy to provide their details to you.


If you choose the self-assembly route, you will be fully responsible for the assembly process. If you get into difficulty or require assistance, our staff or contractors will be only too happy to help, but travel and time charges will apply.

Some goods are either very complicated or time consuming and require specialised assemblers and sufficient time.

If things go wrong

Your goods are checked by Caesars group prior to delivery. If they do not arrive in a satisfactory condition, notify the driver of the issue. Alternatively please forward via email a digital photo/s of the issue together with a copy of your original invoice to inform the store. You can send these to: We will work through any concerns with you and have the goods either repaired or replaced, depending on the issue.

It is your responsibility to ensure goods purchased fit in your home. We are not responsible for any item purchased that does not fit into the space intended. Please ensure you choose carefully as we do not give refunds if you simply change your mind, or make a wrong choice. 

Need more info? Head to,-replacements-and-refunds#when