Thinking of buying a new bed? Here are some things to think about before you start!

When you walk into a bedding store, often you walk in with the idea that you need a new bed, but that's as far as you have thought. Putting in some forethought before you look to purchase can go a long way in making you buying experience easier and ensure you create a bedroom that you are sure to love for years to come. 

What size bed do you need? 

We are often asked for dimensions for mattresses and bed frames. While bed frame dimensions vary depending on the width and depth of the head and foot on various styles, mattresses in Australia are made to standard sizes. 

Mattress Size Guide

You need to allow for not only the bedframe that you select, but also plenty of room for bedsides as well. 

Do you have children climbing into bed with you through the night? It may be worthwhile looking at a king or super king instead of a queen.

Measuring your room to establish how much space you have before you start shopping will save time during the selection process. Imagine finding the perfect bedframe, only to find it is too long to fit in your room!

What style is right for me?

Once you have figured out how much space you have to utilise, it's a good idea to know what you like in terms of style.Thinking about where you would like to wake up each morning and creating the perfect bedroom environment is going to help you to enjoy every moment of your bedroom retreat.

Do you prefer timber, fabric or a mixture of the two? What style suits you - traditional, contemporary or ultra modern? 

We love seeing the images of what has inspired you and if there is something that you've found that we don't normally stock, we are more than happy to do some research and see what we can find for you!

Looking at websites like Pinterest and Instagram can help to inspire you and help us to guide you in selecting a bedframe that suits your tastes while still being practical.

Soft, medium, firm? What mattress is right?

There is no simple answer to this seemingly simple question. Each mattress varies in it's firmness depending on the type of spring used as well as the feel of the comfort layers in the individual mattress. 

Instead, at Sleepdoctor, we take the time to find a mattress that gives you the best support while still being comfortable. This can be done with our extensively trained staff, or if you have more time and like to see the figures, with our Sleepsensor technology.