180 Night Comfort Guarantee

180 night comfort guarantee


Allow us to give you piece of mind with your mattress purchase with our 180 Night Sleep Guarantee on all nominated Therapedic Mattresses.

Choosing the right mattress is an important decision and often a difficult one to make.

So, allow us to give you peace of mind on your purchase with a 180 Night Sleep Guarantee on all nominated Therapedic Mattresses.

You can now rest easy, knowing that not only are you purchasing a quality mattress, but you’re guaranteed a great night's sleep...because if you're not 100% happy - we'll gladly exchange it!

Why does Sleepdoctor offer a 180 night sleep trial, while others offer nothing or a maximum 30 night’s?

We take pride in our Therapedic latest technology selected mattresses that are not mass produced in some huge factory, each one is hand crafted from start to finish, providing the most support with the least pressure for maximum comfort. Our trained Sleepdoctor team are confident that our decades of experience will help find you the right mattress the first time.

We want to be sure you love your mattress as much as Therapedic did hand-crafting it, so in the rare occasion that you are not satisfied after trialling the mattress for 30 nights to give your body the time to adjust, we’ll happily exchange it for something more suitable*.

Some online 'bed in a box' mattress companies would have you believe that one mattress fits all, but the truth is not everybody sleeps the same way and not everybody has the same body attributes or comfort and support needs. That's why Sleepdoctor offers a comprehensive range of mattresses with expert advice, you're sure to find the one that's just right.

What’s included in the 180-night risk-free trial?

One of the best parts about choosing a Therapedic mattress is the incredible 6 Months Comfort Guarantee that starts 30 days after delivery to your door. We do this because studies and customers agree that it takes about 30 days for your body to adjust to a new mattress and we at Sleepdoctor, as real Bedding Specialists, want to give you that time to get to know our product before making a final decision on your sleep experience. Once the first 30 days are up, your 180 night Comfort Guarantee begins.

This trial period is twice as long as than any other trials we have seen in the industry and most Furniture shops with Mattresses as a sideline have NO trials at all. If you aren’t happy after 30 nights we will schedule a time convenient for you to reselect another mattress and arrange to exchange it at no extra costs to you* (other than delivery and pick up fees).

*Ask one of the friendly staff or visit sleepdoctorgriffith.com.au for full terms and conditions.

#Terms and Conditions – Sleepdoctor 180 Night Sleep Guarantee

  1. The Sleepdoctor 180 Night Sleep Guarantee entitles you to exchange your original mattress to a mattress of only of equal or higher value.

Any exchange for a different brand of mattress will be subject to the agreement of Sleepdoctor Griffith in its absolute discretion. Customers can not reselect mattress until a minimum of 30 nights has passed (to allow your body to adjust) up to a maximum of 180 nights.

  1. To take advantage of Sleepdoctor Griffith’s 180 Night Sleep Guarantee all you need to do:
  • A new water and stain resistant mattress protector must be purchased at the time of original mattress purchase, to ensure the mattress remains hygienic and free of stains.
  • Arrange (at your cost) for the transportation of the original mattress to the store of purchase. You will also be responsible for the transportation costs of the replacement mattress.
  • The foundation – base under your mattress must meet Sleepdoctor requirements.
  • If your mattress is returned stained or in an unhygienic state this guarantee will be void.
  1. Your remedy under Sleepdoctors 180 Night Sleep Guarantee is limited to one replacement mattress only.
  2. There is no entitlement to a refund under the 180 Night Sleep Guarantee, however your rights under our Quality Guarantee and Manufacturing faults still continue to apply from the date of original purchase.

* No refund or store credit is given if you chose a mattress of a lesser value. Payment for the difference if a higher price mattress is selected must be made prior to exchange (no finance or Amex or discounts apply).